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Galveston YRE
11/23/ 2012

I took pictures of more of the sculptures back in 2011 when we did this event.
If you would like to see the wood carvings click on the link at the top of the page.

Mermaid holding a clam shell.

Ed in front.
Brandy, Jerry,
Tim and Kerwin.

Pelican on a pole.

Beautiful old house.

1872 Presbyterian Church

Lovely art in the gable of the house..

Toto and the Tin Man.

Another shot of our walking group.

Jingle bells hanging on the edge of the porch.

Tim, Kerwin and Jerry.

Woman reading to kids.

Carving in memory of the Lost Oaks.

Another lovely old house.

Mermaid and dolphins and our walking group.

Squirrel hiding in the grass.

Bird carving in front of lovely house.

Plantation style home.

Large toad.

Another lovely old house.


Gisha Girl

Tim and Kerwin with the Gisha.


Our group with another carving.

Another fine home.

This one reminds me of New Orleans.

Crows nest.

Catholic Church.

Great Dane carving dressed for football.

Kerwin and the surfer shark.

Statue on Broadway

Ship Mural.

Another mural.

And yet another mural.

Mermaid Brandy

Mermaid Kerwin.

Another lovely house.

I like the color combination.

Poor baby needs some restoration.

One last nice brick home.