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Huntsville Volksmarch

Sam Houston on I-45.
Not part of the walk.

Steamboat House

Trail leaving the new start.


YRE route goes by this park, we went in.

Entrance to Historic Home.

The Historic Home.

Strange but charming house.

Stinger Pride.
High School Mascot is Hornets.

Texas Revolutionary Memorial.

Sam Houston's Grave Marker.

Reading some old markers.

Vine covered tree.


Mural that was hidden by tree.

Walker County Courthouse 1970.

Found another mural.

Old movie theatre.

Baptist Church

Resting in the park on a stone chair.

Sam Houston Mural on one building.
Flower mural on the building behind.

Mural across the street.

"Old Main" College Building.

Sculpture next to library.

Clock and Bell Tower..

Fountain on the Mall.

Garden next to "Old Main".

Park that is not on the walk route.