Madisonville was a one day event sponsored by the Brazos Valley Trailblazers out of College Station, TX. Madisonville is the county seat of Madison county. It is my 148th county. This was a nice walking event in the city that claims to be the "Mushroom Capitol of Texas". It is at the junction of I-45 and Texas State Highway 21. The walk started at a pavilion in the Lake Madison Park. The event went on park roads along the east side of the lake and then followed city streets around town and to the city cemetery were we passed the grave of Job Collard who was a hero at San Jacinto and was the owner of the land grant on which Madisonville was built. Returning to the lake we took a hiking trail over the dam and around the lake on the west side through some nice woods and back to the start at the pavilion. Only 106 counties to go!!

Madisonville Event

Volunteers manning the start point at the Lake Madison Park Pavilion.

Ed and Lake Madison.

Mushroom and marker at Lake
Madison Park entrance.

Another view of the Mushroom at
Lake Madison Park entrance.

Artificial flowers and cart make nice "yard art".

A Christmas Tree for my Scavenger Hunt.
The sign below the tree says: Life is Good.
Every day is Christmas at my house.

Nice architecture.

Woodbine Hotel and Restaurant.
Established 1904.

Madison County Courthouse.

Walkers Cafe - appropriately named. We decided to
come back here to eat when we finish walking.

Madison City Hall.

Pretty Church.

Shirley caught up to us at the cemetery.

Ed looking at a small marker.

Marker that Ed was reading.

Job Collard - Hero at San Jacinto

Reading a historical marker in the cemetery..

Blurry image of Deborah, Helen and her dogs.

First Baptist Church.

A quasi-mural of a mushroom. Since it is not painted
on a solid object it doesn't qualify as a "real" mural.

One of the decorated mushrooms.

Texas outline and some hugh rocks make nice landscaping.

Ivy growing in a dead cedar tree.

Lake Madison is a pretty lake.

Crossing the dam.

Pretty Spider Wort

The start is clear on the other side of the lake.

Volksmarchers walking the lake trail backwards.


Fallen Log

Looking up though the twisted oak branches.

Bridge over the slough.

The marshy area at the end of the lake.

One of several blooming cactus plants.

Carol and Doris

Pat working the walk finish table.

Madison County Courthouse (again)

Mural inside Walker Cafe on Main Street.
We stopped there for lunch after finishing our Volksmarch.