Trike Rally

Chickasaw Cultural Cntr

Turner Falls

Arbuckle Lake

Chickasaw National Park YRE
Oct 7, 2012

We went up to Davis, OK for a Trike Rally. There are links to the Trike website as well as other tourist stuff we did on the left if you would like to see those pictures.

Walk starts on a nature trail.

The spring is dry.

Chickasaw sign.


Bathroom (locked).

Old bridge for when cars
were allowed back here.

Another spring that is not running.

CCC did the work in this park.

View of the creek.

Passing back by the walk start.

Little Niagra is dry also.

Water should be flowing here.

Trail entrance off the park road.


There were several of these.
Purpose unknown.

Going back to park road.

Another bathroom.

Leaving park road to enter another campground.

We passed by the main entrance.

Flower Park

Pecan tree with jagged leaves?

Spillway for the fountain.

Notice the drinking fountain.
Don't drink the water!

Information about the fountain.

Lincoln Bridge.

Information about bridge

Creek below the bridge.

Creek crossing.

Walkway under HWY 177.

Another spring.

Headed back to the start.

Ed on the trail.

Pretty thistles.

Creek crossing (not part of walk).

One of several bridges.

View of the trail.

A small dam on the creek.

Another view of the creek.

Unknown fruit tree.

We did not do the 14K option.
We drove up here to see what we missed.

Buffalo in Pasture.

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