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Pictures in this Photo Album are from Sunday's event. We worked the checkpoint and then we pulled down the ribbons marking the trail.

Possum Kingdom Event

After Saturday's heat this was welcome cloud cover.

Gary and Heidi ready to walk.

Pat, Gerald and Darlene ready to register.

Carol checking out the water at our checkpoint.

Tara, Jesse and Arlene are the first to arrive at our checkpoint.

Mabel and Pat were right behind them.

Ed getting a drink.

I wandered off taking pictures.

More walkers.

Linda, Darlene & Gerald

Waiting for more customers.

Check out the wildlife we saw.

I didn't want to scare it away.

Here come Heidi and Gary.

It came back.

It got brave enough to come get a drink out of the dog's bowl.

Just made itself right at home.

It kept moving around.

Out nibbling grass.

Moved on to a patch of flowers.

Here comes Deborah and Dave is hidden behind her.

John and Ariel.

Deborah's dog checking it out.

David got close enough to touch it.


Les and Kathie

Went back to flowers when the wildlife left.

Cactus growing out of a tree limb onto the ground.

Looking back at the pictures I took, the wildlife was there long before I spotted it.