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Possum Kingdom Lake was a two day/two walk event sponsored by the Trotting Texas Turtles out of Killeen, TX. The hiking trail event was on trails laid out by the Brazos River Authority (BRA). The marina trail event was on mostly level ground in and around the Possum Kingdom Lake Marina. This is a photo journal from the Worker's Walk I did on Friday to mark the BRA trail for the event.

These events were in Palo Pinto County which gave me my 149th county. I now have only 105 counties to go!!

Possum Kingdom Trail Marking

The event start was a trail head near the Marina.
Beverly, Karl, Anna, Carol and Jesse

Ed, Carol, Kevin and I will mark the BRA trail.

Wildflowers along the trail.

More flowers.

Carol leading the way.


Blooming cactus.

It was a nice shaded trail.

Not all of the trail was rocky.

It was a lot of up and down hill.

First scenic overlook.

Resting and enjoying the view.

Only bridge on the trail.

Not as good an overlook.

Our first checkpoint will be set up here.

Kevin on the second section of trail.

Ed and some nice rocks.

Taking another rest stop.

Another scenic overlook.

Same view a little further up the trail.

Ed and a view of the trail.

Kevin and some more nice rocks.

Another view of the lake.

There was a nice bench at the overlook.

Another view of the lake.

Carol climbing the steps.

Kevin checking in.

Just another view of the trail.